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Khan LEE
Gender: Male
Taiwanese award-winning producer/director/writer Khan LEE was not related to cinema in the beginning. In 1994, he wrote his first scenario and won a prize which started his filmmaking career. After that, he shot his directorial debut Cop Abula (1999) at the age of forty. LEE was active in the entertainment industry. He established Zeus International Production Ltd./Khan Entertainment in order to produce Taiwanese motion pictures, TV films and series, and also distribute independent films acquired from global licensors. Khan LEE is currently heading an ambitious platform called “Project Pushing Hands.” Supported by the Oscar director Ang LEE, his brother, the project is aimed at cultivating young talents, carrying out production plans and distributing the films to world-wide territories. Several productions under this production platform are now underway, including Yang Yang (directed by Cheng Yu-chieh), selected into the Panorama in Berlin Film Festival in 2009, and Juliet.


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