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Vigo FAN
Gender: Male
Graduated from the writing and directing division of the department of cinema in World College of Journalism (today's Shih Hsin University) in 1984, Vigo FAN entered University of Tokyo in 1987 to learn cinema with renowned Japanese teacher Hasumi SHIGEHIKO. Returning to Taiwan in 1995, he immediately joined the crew of Super Citizen Ko before working on films like Blue Moon and Connection by Fate. With the films being selected into Tokyo International Film Festival for three years consecutively, he consolidated his reputation of "Producer Sir FAN", excelling at marketing. He then turned to work for TV, realizing series for Public Television. Meanwhile, he took part in the production of several documentaries including Baseball Boys in 2008. With his experiences in producing films like Silk (2006) and of collaborating with foreign crews, he decided to operate film production through combining quality professionals in cinema, films and excellent listed companies with their commodities to achieve integral promotional effects that benefit Taiwanese distributors, enterprises and audiences. His successful marketing strategies were incarnated through Night Market Hero (2011) and Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (2012), two Taiwanese films that grossed more than a hundred million NTD. Since 2007, he took on the positions of Director/ Supervisor of Animation & Comic Creative Association and of Micro-Movie Creation Association in Taiwan. He currently teaches film financing strategies and global marketing in universities

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