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Peter Tang
Gender: Male
Despite having grown up in Lugang, Peter TANG chose an offshore island, Kinmen, as a blueprint to make movies. Well-known for his documentary films, TANG has a smooth and exquisite camera style and a way of story-telling that depicts the reality, bringing out full emotion of humanity. In recent years, his feature films have maintained a delicate approach of filmmaking, along with rich literary connotation and concerns for our nature, combining the emotions in the story and the beauty of the environment. His works often show the fragile and profound love between people, leaving the audience with lingering affections.


2009 《Our Island, Our Dreams》

2009《The Story of Taiwan's Industry Clusters》(documentary)
WorldFest Houston International Film Festival – Platinum Remi Award, Film and Video Productions, Sales and Marketing – Consumer category

2011 《The Quest》(documentary)
Taipei Film Festival – Best Documentary nomination
Splendid 100: Taiwan Retrospective Film Festival (Singapore) – Opening Film
Golden Harvest Awards – Merit Award of Documentary
WorldFest Houston International Film Festival – Platinum Remi Award – Documentary
Golden Bell Awards – Best Directing for Non-Drama Programme

2013 《Battle Spirit》(documentary)
Osaka Asian Film Festival
WorldFest Houston International Film
Festival – Gold Remi Award – Film & Video
Production – Documentary

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