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Respect for Copyright

Respect for Copyright

As an organization managed by the Taipei Culture Foundation (“the Foundation”), the following copyright rules of the Taipei Film Commission (“the Commission”) comply with policies of the Foundation. The Foundation respects the copyrights of others. According to the Foundation‘s terms of service, online users of the Foundation’s services shall not infringe the copyrights of others. The Foundation hereby calls for users to respect the copyrights of others. If you think any web page content of the Foundation or online use of the Foundation’s services has constituted an infringement of your copyright, you are advised to report the infringement to the Foundation according to the following guidelines. The Foundation’s customer services will handle your complaint as soon as possible.
If any web page content of the Foundation or online use of the Foundation’s services has constituted an infringement of your copyright, please fill in the “Copyright Infringement Notification”, and the declarations specified in the notification, and inform the Foundation of the infringement via fax.

Guidelines for Copyright Infringement Reported by the Owner

  1. The signature of the copyright owner or his/her representative, proof of copyright ownership and copyrighted content, i.e. the cover page or related pages of a published book or a hard copy and the web address of the web page content released online.
  2. The web page and the web address of the content that infringes your copyright.
  3. Your current address, telephone number, etc.
  4. A written statement saying you are sure that the use of the aforementioned web page content is not authorized by the copyright owner, his/her representative or law.
  5. In the written statement you shall say that the information you are providing in the Copyright Infringement Notification is true and genuine and you make such a statement as the copyright owner or his/her representative.

The Foundation’s Policy of Handling Copyright Infringement

  1. Upon the receipt of your notification, the Foundation will remove the web page content which has infringed your copyright according to your claim. Online users will also be warned of the potential infringement. If the online user involved questions your claim, the Foundation may provide your name, email address or telephone number to the user, who can communicate with you directly to solve the dispute.
  2. According to the Foundation’s privacy policy, in addition to the purposes agreed by the user or what is carried out for the service provision, the Foundation can only provide identification information of users to a third party according to regulatory requirements or government orders. If you report a copyright infringement, according to this guideline, the Foundation will only remove the content involved in the infringement based on your request without providing the identification information of the use. If you want to obtain user information, you should file a lawsuit against the user to a district court or Criminal Investigation Bureau. The Foundation will immediately provide users’ information under a written request for users’ information made by these agencies.

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