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YEH Jufeng
Gender: Female
YEH Jufeng, the most prominent producer among Taiwan's Post New Wave generation. She has cooperated with many of Taiwan's renowned directors. Some of her important works of the recent years included feature films----LIN Cheng-sheng’s Murmur of Youth (1997), TSAI Mingliang’s What Time Is It There (2001) and The Wayward Cloud (2004), Singing CHEN’s God Man Dog (2007), Tom Shu-Yu LIN’s Winds of September (2008). Having shot films in a variety of foreign countries, she remains one of Taiwan's producers who has the widest experience in shooting films overseas. Over the past several years, she has endeavored to help new directors create critically acclaimed feature films, documentaries, and short films from a wide range of genres and successfully assisted big commercial film productions such as SU Chaopin’s Silk (2006), Alexi TAN’s Blood Brothers (2007), John WOO’s Red Cliff (2008), WANG Yeming’s Tea Fight (2008), Hakon LIU’s Miss Kicki (2009), and CHO Li’s Zoom Hunting (2010). 。


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