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Vincent WANG
Gender: Male
French from Taiwan, he worked in France as a Production Manager before meeting for the first time with TSAI Ming-liang, a famous Taiwanese director in 1999. After this encounter, he came back to his native country and founded his first production house, Homegreen Films, with TSAI Ming-liang and the actor LEE Kang-sheng. He therefore became an independent producer. His deep knowledge of both Western and Chinese cultures along with his movie production savoir-faire were part of the reasons for the success of his Taiwanese European movies productions. In 2009, in Paris, he creates House on Fire, a production company in order to continue producing quality masterpieces between Asia and Europe. His productions include: Face from TSAI Mingliang, Official Competition at Cannes Festival in 2009, Help Me Eros from LEE Kang-sheng, Official Competition at Venice Festival in 2007, I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone from TSAI Mingliang, Official Competition at Venice Festival in 2006, The Wayward Cloud, Silver Bear at Berlin Festival in 2005, The Forest in Between from Antoine Barraud, Official Competition at Marseille FID in 2010, and Games of the Clouds and Rain from Benjamin de Lajarte in 2010.


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