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Gender: Female
An MA at UT, Austin and a Ph.D. in Film at UCLA, Peggy CHIAO is a multi-faceted, distinguished Taiwanese filmmaker. Her wide repertoire ranges from film production, international distribution, film criticism to her work in education as a professor. In fact, she has over 60 film-related publications under her belt. Widely reputed for spearheading Taiwanese New Wave directors and China’s 5th & 6th Generation filmmakers onto the international festival circuit in the 1980s, CHIAO continues to promote Chinese-language cinema of today through her writings of theoretical aesthetics and by sitting on the jury panel of international film festivals. Her production company Arc Light Films, founded in 1996 was behind many acclaimed international co-productions including Portrait of Hou-Hsiao-Hsien, Beijing Bicycle, Homesick Eyes, The Hole, Betelnut Beauty, Blue Gate Crossing, Drifters, The Drummer, Empire of Silver etc. In 2000, she set up Trigram Films to produce a string of popular, youth-oriented movies like Hear Me, Love You 10000 Years, Me 19 and Tempest of First Love. CHIAO is currently a professor of Creative Filmmaking at the Taipei National University of the Arts.


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