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Adam TSUEI was the President of Sony Music Entertainment, Greater China and has elevated stars such as Jay CHOU, Leehom WANG, Jolin TSAI, F4, etc. to their current stardom. He also founded Amazing Film Studio, assembling resources and network of cultural and creative industry of the Greater China region and devoting to film production, TV program production, music production, integrated marketing, distribution of films, public relations campaigns, coordination of public events, and media planning along with strategic planning of the Internet, to forge an audiovisual platform with vision, originality and market orientation. In 2011, the company successfully marketed You Are the Apple of My Eye, a film that swept the Mandarin film market. In 2013, it produced and distributed Tiny Times 1.0 and Tiny Times 2.0, causing a sensation in the Greater China region. In 2014, TSUEI collaborated Angie CHAI and Giddens KO again to create a comedy of romance and fantasy, Café, Waiting, Love, thus carrying on his ideal of cinema through precise vision and integrated market planning.

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