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Gender: Male
Ben TSIANG graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University, and acquired a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. Ben TSIANG co-founded www. in 1995, and devoted to culture and creativity industry as well as documentary in 2006, founding CNEX, a non-profit cultural organization with Ruby CHEN and CHANG Chao-wei, with himself as the chairman. Until 2014, CNEX has released more than seventy films in Greater China, and successfully held six international documentary festivals on specific themes. CNEX also organized CCDF (CNEX Chinese Doc Forum) in Taiwan, making collaborative connections between Chinese and international documentary communities. Ben TSIANG is an important representative of Chinese documentaries, having produced documentaries like 1428, Umbrella, KJ: Music and Life, and Hip-Hop Storm which won prominent awards at Venice Film Festival, Cinéma du réel, Golden Horse Film Festival, and Hong Kong Film Awards. He released Go Grandriders in 2012; the film became the highest-grossing documentary in Hong Kong and Taiwan at that time.

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