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MA Tien-tsung
Gender: Male
With more than twenty-five years of experience in the entertainment business and cultural-creative industry, MA Tien-tsung is an omnipotent producer. He has been in charge of development and integration, design and production, marketing, business administration as well as consultancy for numerous international audiovisual productions, Broadway musicals and projects of fun parks and performing arts. He was executive producer for Orz Boyz, Jump Ashin!, Yen Yen and The Great Escape from Café City and participated in the production of The Hard Way, Baby's Day Out, Pirate 3D, The Touch, Red Cliff and One Day. He was also in charge of the distribution of Chicago, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Kill Bill series, The Jacket, The Motorcycle Diaries, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Lord of War, etc. for Taiwan. He also supervised Formosa Carnival (a musical performed on the streets), Yamay Recreation World (today's Lihpao Land), Hualien Ocean Park, TK Rock Festival and Simple Life Festival.

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