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Jennifer JAO
Gender: Female
Having obtained her M.A. in Film & Perfonrmance & Theatre from Colorado University at Boulder, Jennifer JAO returned to Taiwan and worked in Central Motion Picture Corporation. JAO has participated in the planning, production, promotion, marketing and purchase of almost seventy films. She was also the executive secretary of CMPC Cultural and Educational Foundation and the deputy secretary-general of Asia-Pacific Film Festival. From 1996 to 1997, she temporarily worked as secretary of Motion Picture Development Foundation, R.O.C. and was in charge of Subsidy for Excellent Short Film, Golden Horse Awards and general affairs related to associations/unions in the film industry. In 2007, she produced Rail Truck, a Taiwan-Japan co-production which was her first experience of international production. From February 2008 till today, she is Director of Taipei Film Commission (TFC), promoting Taiwanese cinema by assisting in shooting, production, domestic and international marketing and promotion, etc. By signing agreements of cooperation with Île-de-France Film Commission and Italy's Rai Cinema, she has also contributed to the promotion of international audiovisual productions. In 2013 and 2014 consecutively, she took part in the planning and production of Taipei Factory I and Taipei Factory II, thus materializing Taiwan's cooperation with France and Italy respectively. Currently, she is also a board member of Motion Picture Development Foundation, R.O.C., Director of Taiwan Film & Culture Association and Taiwan Original Filmmakers Union, as well as advisor to Taipei Film and Drama Business Union.

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