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LIANG Hung-chih
Gender: Male
Graduated from Institute of Political Science of National Sun Yat-sen University, LIANG Hung-chih has more than eighteen years of experience in film production. He was executive producer to several Taiwanese films, including The Missing, Goodbye Dragon Inn, Holiday Dreaming, Love, Do Over, Finding Sayun, Come for You, Kiasu, Battle Up!, Lokah Laqi (working title), etc. Thanks to his rich experiences in international co-productions and knowledge in worldwide film markets, almost all of the films he produced were selected into renowned international film festivals. In 2007, he produced The Fatality, the first film to be jointly funded by Taiwan and Thailand. In 2009, he imported a Hong Kong film, Ip Man and collaborated with Sky Films to market the film, making it a popular movie in Taiwan. Ip Man remains a well-known representative Hong Kong kungfu movie till this day. LIANG went on to introduce a series of Hong Kong films, including Cold War, Firestorm, Blind Detective, and As the Light Goes Out.

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