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LAN Dapeng
Gender: Male
LAN Dapeng is an experienced producer, having worked in Central Motion Picture Corporation and served as Director of ETTV Drama and Vice Director of Deaflympics Foundation. He is currently Production Director of Performance Workshop and in charge of Water and Fish Production. Since the mid-1980s, he has participated in the production of several films, such as Reunion (KO I-chen, 1985), The Kinmen Bombs (TING Shan-hsi, 1986), The Two of Us (LEE You-ning, 1986), Straw Man (WANG Tung, 1987), When the Ocean Is Blue (LIAO Ching-sung ,1988), Rebels of the Neon God (TSAI Ming-liang, 1992), Eat Drink Man Woman (Ang LEE, 1994), Tonight Nobody Goes Home (Sylvia CHANG, 1996), Cop Abula (Khan LEE, 1999), Peony Pavilion (Yonfan, 2001), Comes the Black Dog (Chi YIN, 2004), Bad Moon (Chi YIN, Willing LU Chin-cheng, 2005), The Touch of Fate (PAN Zhi-yuan, 2007), Finding Shangri-la (Ismene TING Nai-zang, 2009), Good Luck! Boy (YANG Mengru, 2013), Baby Steps (Barney CHENG, 2015), etc.

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