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Hsu Li-Kong
Gender: Male
Hsu Li-Kong was born in 1943. He was the first curator of Taiwan's National Film Library, precursor to the present Chinese Taipei Film Archive. He was also the founder of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. In 1990, Hsu joined the CMPC (Central Motion Pictures Corporation). During his stint at the CMPC, he supported famed directors such as Sylvia Chang, Ko Yi-Cheng, and Wan Jen in making artistic breakthroughs; moreover, he helped and promoted then up-and-coming directors including Ang Lee, Tsai Ming-Liang, Lin Cheng-Sheng, Chen Yu-Hsun, and Chen Kuo-Fu, so that Taiwanese films went on to win numerous awards at various international film festivals. After leaving the CMPC, Hsu's legend turned over a new page. In 2001, the Ang Lee-directed, Hsu Li-Kong-produced Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, setting a landmark for the Chinese-language film industry, thus initiating a wave of interregional cooperation as well as the global trend for martial arts films. Hsu has not only been the hand that rocks the cradle for many an outstanding filmmaker but also an assiduous filmmaker himself. This Lifetime Achievement Award is justly deserved.

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