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Hsu Hsi Piao
Gender: Male
HSU Hsi-piao started his career in film in 1991 as an electrician at Arrow Cinematic Group. He then worked as a lighting assistant, a cinematographer assistant, and participated in the shooting of Super Citizen Ko, No, Sir!, and Vive L'Amour, etc. HSU began to involve in the production team in 1994. During his thirteen years working at City Film Ltd. founded by CHANG Hwa-kun, he was involved in numerous Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Japanese productions such as Modern Republic, Asian Connection, Rainy Dog, The Cabbie, One Missed Call 2, etc. He became a freelancer in 2007, undertaking the productions of Night Market Hero, Din Tao: Leader of the Parade, The Fierce Wife Final Episode, Get Together, Twa-Tiu-Tiann, and M Riders-Finding PANGU.

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