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Aileen LI
Gender: Female
Graduated from Northwestern University with a double Master Degree in Law and Telecommunication, LI returned to Taiwan in 2000 and built up distinctive experience in film purchase, distribution and marketing. She was one of the founder of Three Dots Entertainment with Michelle Yeh - production includes, Formula 17 (CHEN Yin-jung, 2004) , Catch (CHEN Yinjung, 2006) and The Shoe Fairy (Robin LEE, 2006). In 2007, she produced My Superpower Girl, an episode of She, Just Do It! which is the first feature movie ever financed by Nike. Other international co-production includes, The Last Days of the World (Jean-Marie & Arnaud Larrieu, 2008) and Ghosted (co-produced with German production company), which was selected into the Panorama in Berlin Film Festival, and her latest feature, Prince of Tears, a Taiwan/Hong Kong co-production.


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