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LIU Weijan
Gender: Female
LIU started her film business in 1995, managing film distribution, festival consultancy and entertainment marketing, etc. In 2006, Atom Cinema Limited was established, leading distribution in international classic masters DVD collection in Taiwan. She began to work with independent film agencies and introduced a number of foreign art films to the Taiwanese audience. Currently, Atom Cinema managed a successful marketing strategy distributing Taiwanese films like, Winds of September (Tom Shu-Yu LIN, 2008), No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (Leon DAI, 2009), Taipei Exchanges (HSIAO Ya-chuan, 2010), etc. In 2008, she began to co-produce projects including, Au Revior Taipei (Arvin CHEN, 2010 / produced by Wim Wenders), In Case of Love (Gavin LIN, 2010).

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