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CHENG Fen-fen
Gender: Female
With a background in advertising, CHENG Fen-fen has opted for scriptwriting and directing, practices that she had been pursuing regularly. Her scripts are highly original and full of imagination, capturing feelings in life in subtle ways. Her images are beautifully constructed and carry a lyrical style, making her a promising director both in commercial and artistic genres.
She has realized many award-winning scripts and films for television, including 《Long Vacation》 (2008). Her first feature film 《Keeping Watch》 (2007) was invited to several international film festivals and won Best Screenplay award in the Asian Festival of First Films in Singapore. Her second film 《Hear Me》, a romantic comedy featuring deaf people, was shot in collaboration with the Deaflympics in Taipei in 2009. Treating subjects of family, love and inspiration, the film was the highest-grossing Taiwanese film of the year and won Audience Choice Award at the Osaka Asian Film Festival.
Her recent film entitled 《Bear It》 features a Teddy bear as a major role. The film integrates elements of fantasy and travel, exploring interpersonal relations and emotional issues of people in the modern world.


2007《Keeping Watch》
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
Singapore Asian Festival of First Films –Best Screenplay
Stockholm International Film Festival
Deauville Asian Film Festival – Competition
China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film
Festival –Taiwan New Force Category

2009《Hear Me》
Osaka Asian Film Festival –Audience Choice Award
Taipei Film Festival – Best Actress

2012《Bear It》
Osaka Asian Film Festival – Competition
Asian Film Festival of Rome –Best Original Film
Taipei Film Festival

【Upcoming Production】

《Missing Heart》

《Same Kind of Different as You》(working title)

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