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Singing CHEN
Gender: Female
CHEN graduated from Advertising division of Department of Mass Communications of Fu Jen Catholic University. During her college years, she practiced filmmaking in HUANG Ming-chuan's studio specializing in documentaries. Extended training in the field of independent filmmaking has consolidated her experience in shooting and production. With her talent in music, she composed for films and theatrical plays. Her own films were also imbued with rich rhythm and musicality.
Her films often revolve around humanity, art and culture. One of her documentaries, 《Who Is Fishing》(2000), was selected into Fribourg International Film Festival and Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 2001. She is currently producing documentaries about theatre, butoh and sound art. Based on extended production periods spanning five to ten years, the films show delicate and profound visions of life derived from long-term shooting and observation. 《Walkers》(2014), a feature-length documentary about renowned Taiwanese choreographer LIN Lee-chen and her Legend Lin Dance Theatre, was selected into Taipei Film Festival.
CHEN's extended experience in documentary-making also influenced her narrative films, which could be seen in their depiction of characters and social observations. She completed her first 16mm narrative feature, 《Bundled》, a film about hobos on the margins of the city. It caught great attention, swept most of the major independent film awards in Taiwan and traveled to many international film festivals. She then wrote, edited and directed 《God Man Dog》(2007); the story took three social classes as its axis. The film was selected into "Forum" at Berlinale and won Best Film Award of 《The Daily Mirror》(Der Tagesspiegel) in Germany.
In 2011, CHEN shot 《The Clock》, a segment for a four-part charity film titled 《When Yesterday Comes》. The short film was nominated for Golden Harvest Awards, Taipei Film Awards and selected into Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition. CHEN remained involved in social issues through her filmmaking practice. In 2013, she collaborated with Jero YUN from South Korea to make 《The Pig》(2013), a short film for 《Taipei Factory》, a joint film project of Taipei Film Commission and Directors' Fortnight of Cannes Film Festival.


Taipei Film Festival – Independent Filmmaking Competition –Best Drama, Most Promising Director of the Year
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Original Film Song
Vancouver International Film Festival – Competition
Fribourg International Film Festival – ACAT "Human Rights"
Special Award, Ecumenical Jury Award
Créteil International Women's Film Festival – Competition
Brisbane International Film Festival
Film Festival Ghent
Fajr International Film Festival

2007 《God Man Dog》
Busan International Film Festival – Competition
Vancouver International Film Festival
Créteil International Women's Film Festival – Special Mention Jury Award
Berlin International Film Festival – "Forum" – Tagesspiegel Best Film Award
Fribourg International Film Festival – Youth Jury E-CHANGER Prize
Asian Film Festival (Rome) – Best Actress
Durban International Film Festival – Best Screenplay
Shown at more than ten international film festivals including Barcelona Asian Film Festival

2011 《The Clock》 (short for 《When Yesterday Comes》)
ifva Awards (Hong Kong) – Competition
Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition – Best Selection
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg -Special Mention of the International Jury (《When Yesterday Comes》)

2013 《The Pig》(short for 《Taipei Factory》)
Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition –Best Selection
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia – Best Actress

2014 《Mountain Spirits》 (documentary)
Taiwan International Documentary Festival -Taiwanese Competition

2014 《Walkers》 (documentary)
Taipei Film Festival – Documentaries Competition
Taiwan International Documentary Festival -International Competition, Taiwanese Competition

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