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Gender: Male
An established cinematographer in Taiwan, En CHEN hasworked with local and international directors for numerous TVprograms, films, commercials, short films, etc. He started his career in filmmaking as a script supervisor for 《The Sandwich Man》 (1983). It was the period of Taiwanese New Wave; he entered a long-term collaboration with director HOU Hsiaohsien, working as the cinematographer for 《Daughter of the Nile》 (1987), 《A City of Sadness》 (1989), 《Good Men, Good Women》 (1995), 《Goodbye South Goodbye》 (1996) and as the assistant director for 《The Puppetmaster》 (1993). In more than three decades, he has worked in almost every sector of filmmaking, from script supervisor, photographer, assistant director, cinematographer to art director.
In 2007, En CHEN directed his debut feature, 《Island Etude》 for which he was also the screenwriter and cinematographer. Taking a bicycling tour around the island of Taiwan as its subject, it became a box office success. A popular line in the film, "There are things which if you don't do now, you will never do," touched many viewers, and stirred a wave of island-wide bicycling tour that lasts until now. In 2011, he contributed 《The Untrammeled Traveler》, a documentary about YU Guang-zhong, to 《The Inspired Island, Series of Eminent Writers from Taiwan》.


2007《Island Etude》
Taipei Film Festival – Media's Choice Award, Special Mentions
Asian Marine Film Festival (Makuhari) – Special Jury Prize
Vancouver International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Deauville Asian Film Festival
2011 《The Untrammeled Traveler: YU Guangzhong– The Inspired Island. Series of Eminent Writers from Taiwan》(documentary)

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