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Teng Yung-shing
Gender: Male
Teng Yung-shing graduated from the Department of Radio and Television, Shih Hsin College. He began his first job at Kuangchi Program Service, then worked at an advertising agency as a producer. Three years later, he ran his own film company until now.

Teng Yung-shing makes a broad variety of productions from commercials, short-films, MVs, to feature films. He said: “I enjoy my filming career because I am more interested in people. I think emotion is the key that connects the audience, and all the different forms of presentation are just different approaches of delivering emotions within a story. In commercials, I have a rather short time to tell a story or part of it, whereas in a feature film, I have enough time to finish a whole story. There may be a shift in focus due to the different lengths, but there is little difference as far as filming is concerned.”

Teng’s previous works include Love At 7-11 (2002), a film based on Tsai Chih-heng’s novel, and Return Ticket, a film that claimed Asian New Talent Award - Best Director at the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival and Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress at the 48th Golden Horse Awards.

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