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Lingo Hsieh
Gender: Female
Lingo Hsieh is one of the few Taiwanese directors who specializes in making short horror films and has earned recognitions at international film festivals. Hsieh has extensive experiences making commercials as well as casting, scripting, scoring, planning, and producing films. Her short films, such as Doppelganger and The Evil Inside, have been critically acclaimed at major film festivals for the distinctive style of presentation she used. Lingo Hsieh has been named "the rising star of Taiwanese horror films" in Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, and it was her distinctive style that attracted horror master Takashige Ichise to work with her. Having wowed the audience at previous year's Golden Film Festival with a short version of The Bride, the two of them worked closely for the feature-length version of The Bride and released it in time for the 2015 Chinese ghost month.

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