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Wang Tung is one of the most important Taiwanese directors. He has won six Golden Horse Awards and is best known for his Taiwanese trilogy, Strawman, Banana Paradise and Hill of No Return. Wang began his career as a production designer, and since he took up the job as director on If I Were for Real in 1980, he has been directing films. Wang won Best Director at the Golden Horse Awards twice for Stawman and Hill of No Return. In the past three decades, Wang has directed eleven films and worked as production designer on more than a hundred films. He has been playing an active role in the Taiwanese film industry since he had been the Chairman of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and serves as the Head of Filmmaking Department at Taipei National University of the Arts, where he is an associate professor. Wang won the National Award for Arts in 2007. Where the Wind Settles is the most ambitious project Wang has developed in recent years.


If I Were for Real (1981)
Don't Look at The Moon Through The Window (1981)
One Hundred Point (1982)
Portrait of A Fanatic (1982)
A Flower in The Raining Night (1983)
Run Away (1984)
Spring Daddy (1985)
Straw Man (1987)
Banana Paradise (1989)
Hill of No Return (1992)
Red Persimmon (1995)
A Way We Go (2002)
A Story about Grandpa Lin Wang (animation/ 2004)
Tong Xin Bao Bei (lit. Childlike Babies)(documentary/ 2007)
Where the Winds Settles (2015)

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