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WANG Pei-hua
Gender: Female
For WANG Pei-hua, a renowned TV drama producer and scriptwriter, her original intention of shifting to filmmaking was to extend the feelings brought by 《The Fierce Wife》, a popular TV idol drama she produced. Her hope of bringing the characters' dream of happiness to the big screen inspired her imagination of cinema, leading her to co-direct with Joseph WANG on her first film, 《The Fierce Wife Final Episode》, for which she was also the executive producer. The film was a box office success, grossing 150 million NTD in Taiwan.
She tended to every aspect of 《The Fierce Wife Final Episode》, from preparation, shooting, post-production, marketing to screening. For her, the most important and the toughest task in shifting from TV to the big screen was "communication". Therefore, the most rewarding experience was to integrate ideas of the entire crew. In her view, everyone in the crew represented the audience and should dare to propose any better idea in mind. She thought that this film was not solely the directors' creation, but a collective work by everyone involved.


2012 《The Fierce Wife Final Episode》

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