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Joseph WANG
Gender: Male
Born in Taipei, Joseph WANG works on both commercial and MV productions. As a graduate from Department of Mass Communication of Fu Jen Catholic University, he was well-versed with camera pacing and post-production. In1981, Joseph WANG participated in the performance of Lanlin Theatre Troupe, a pioneer in Taiwan's Little Theatre Movement. In 2012, he co-directed his debut film, 《The Fierce Wife Final Episode》 with WANG Pei-hua and took part in the editing. As the closing chapter of the famous TV idol drama, 《The Fierce Wife》, the film inherited its popularity and achieved box office success.


1982 《Life》 (short)
Golden Harvest Awards –Merit Award of Animation

1983 《The Masterpiece》 (short)
Golden Harvest Awards –Merit Award of Narrative

1984 《The Path of Japan》 (documentary)
Golden Harvest Awards –Merit Award of Documentary

2012 《The Fierce Wife Final Episode》

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