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Gender: Male
Jim WANG was born in 1978. Having studied in the Department of English Language and Literature of Chinese Culture University for four years, he became rather sensitive about relations of texts and signs. While studying at Graduate Institute of Journalism of National Taiwan University, Jim WANG confirmed his realistic tone in making documentaries. The first film production he was involved in was director LEE Chi-yuarn's 《Chocolate Rap》 (2006), where he was assigned to record the behind-the-scene process. Without any formal training in filmmaking, he was fascinated by the entire shooting process. He then tried to write scripts and submitted them to Public Television for the 《Life Story》 show. He went on to make films of diverse genres, from documentary to narrative and from TV series, idol drama to films. His first narrative feature, 《Cha Cha for Twins》 was nominated for five categories of Golden Horse Awards in 2012: Best New Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best New Performer, Best Visual Effects, and Best Original Film Song. It also won Best Narrative Feature, Best Screenplay and Best Editing at Taipei Film Festival the same year.
Until now, Jim WANG still sees himself as a runaway, for he had once been an English tutor, a newspaper journalist and a TV editor, but ended up making films instead. However, it was the diversity of his real life experience that came together to greatly affect his creations afterwards. His persistence in experiencing and thinking about the world has nourished his creativity.

2010 《Dreams, a journey toward Wan Wan》
(documentary; co-directed with CHEN Wei-yuan)

2012 《Cha Cha for Twins》 (co-directed with YANG Yi-chien)
Taipei Film Festival – Best Narrative Feature, Best Screenplay, Best Editing

2015《We Are Family》

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