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Alice WANG
Gender: Female
Having been fascinated by movies since childhood, Alice WANG went to Japan to study film as soon as she completed her studies in design at the University of California. After returning to Taiwan, she became an executive producer and director for TV dramas and also shot commercials, accumulating great practical experience. In 2000, WANG gave birth to her first feature film, 《The Egg》. Over the next five years, she kept on making films characterized by diverse styles. Her films cover various themes, ranging from gangster, romance to thriller. She would sometimes perform in her own films.


2000 《The Egg》
Mill Valley Film Festival
Hawaii International Film Festival

2001 《Dragon's Love》

2001 《Ocean Blue》

2001 《Never Been To Me》

2003 《Karate Girls》 (a.k.a 《Kung Fu Girls》)

2004 《West Town Girls》

2004 《Free as Love》

2004 《Love Me, If You Can》
Fukuoka International Film Festival – Jury's Grand Award

2005 《Aunt Tiger》

2005 《Love and Courage》

2013 《Killing 7》

2013 《Shining Dance》

2014 《Pearl Island's Sky》

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