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Jasmine LEE Ching-hui
Gender: Female
Jasmine LEE is an assistant professor of Department of Visual Communication Design of Da-Yeh University. She has been following subjects regarding elder people, women, family and migration; her films have an air and a power that are both tender and persistent. Her "Realm of Womanhood Tetralogy" won recognition on many occasions including Busan International Film Festival (AND Distribution Support Fund), Network of Asian Women's Film Festival Award, International Women's Film Festival in Seoul (First Prize), and Taipei Film Festival (Best Individual Achievement), etc.
When Jasmine LEE's grandparents moved into a nursing home, she started exploring stories about Taiwanese elders and their immigrant caregivers. This motivated her to realize "Realm of Womanhood Tetralogy" based on her family's experience in taking care of her grandparents. She later expanded her concern to other families, and ultimately to foreign caretakers who came to Taiwan and looked after local elder people. The first film of the series, 《Where Is My Home?》 (1999) documented the family's struggle and reluctance to send their beloved elders to a nursing home, as well as the everlasting love between the old couple. 《The Ballads of Grandmothers》 (2003) depicted love and marriage across four generations of women in a family through folk songs sung by the grandmother. It epitomized how marriage has evolved in Taiwan and the self searching of women of different generations. 《City of Memories》 (2007) centered around a grandmother from Shanghai, focusing on the visions of life and desires of the elderly in nursing homes. 《Dear My Love》 (2008) showed Jasmine LEE accompanying her grandfather at the final stage of his life. In 《Flying in the Darkness》 (2011), she approached unlicensed foreign workers hidden in the urban jungle of Taipei, telling a moving story about how they pursued their dreams despite the prevailing challenges.
The final episode of the series, 《Money and Honey》 (2012), took 13 years to make and traversed Taiwan and Philippines, setting an unforeseen example in Taiwan's film history. It told the moving story of a group of Filipino mothers who were full of dreams and love, devoting their youth in Taiwan. The film was released in 2012 and was selected into more than 30 film festivals, winning 9 awards worldwide including AND Distribution Support Fund of Busan International Film Festival. It was also nominated for Best Documentary and Best Film Editing of Golden Horse Awards.


1996 《Returning》

1999 《Where is My Home? 》

2003 《The Ballads of Grandmothers》
International Women's Film Festival (Seoul) – Asian
Short Film and Video Competition – First Prize
Taipei Film Festival – Best Individual Achievement
Golden Harvest Film Festival – Excellent Video

2004 《Our Community Our Love》

2004 《Forward Forest Dream》
Green Film Festival (Seoul) – International Competition

2006 《S.D. Party》

2007 《City of Memories》
South Taiwan Film Festival – Best Documentary

2008 《Dear My Love》

2011 《Flying in the Darkness》

2012 《Money and Honey》
Busan International Film Festival – AND Distribution Support Fund
Women Make Waves Film Festival (Taiwan) – Audience Choice Award
International Film Festival of Kerala (India) – Creative Award for Social Change
Network of Asian Women's Film Festival Award
Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival – Audience Choice Award
Mexico International Film Festival – Documentary Film Competition – Golden Palm Award
Chinese Documentary Festival (Hong Kong) – Silver Award
Australian International Labour Film Festival – Best International Film Award
Canada International Film Festival – Documentary Competition – Award of Excellence

【Upcoming Production】

《Kids Unleashed Oversea》

《The 51st State - Fuzhou Series One: Come Back, My Child》

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