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HSU Ming-chun
Gender: Male
Born in 1968, HSU graduated from Department of Mass Communication of Tamkang University and worked as a producer for commercials, a TV producer and a scriptwriter. He began his first encounter with documentaries after joining Dimensions Communications in 1996, approaching diverse subjects and a wide range of fields.
In 2008, he was chosen by director Ang LEE and Khan LEE for their Pushing Hands program to support emerging filmmakers. This has helped him to complete his first documentary feature 《Stars》 recording how a group of young people from different backgrounds with their dreams of stardom come to perform on the same stage in his or her own style, acting out their own wonderful stories.
In 2013, with Khan LEE as executive producer, he completed the historical documentary feature 《Attabu》 that took five years in the making. The scale of production of 《Attabu》 is similar to that of a feature. By using a lot of scene reconstructions and animations, the documentary allows the audience a greater accessibility as well as emotional exchanges. While digging through the history of Taiwan, HSU uncovered many stories that he would like to keep on filming for a long time!

2008 《Stars》 (documentary)
Jecheon International Music & Film Festival – Competition
Taiwan International Documentary Festival
Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival

2013 《Attabu》 (documentary)

2015 《Attabu II》 (documentary)

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