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Vincent FANG Wen-shan
Gender: Male
As a lyricist, FANG Wen-shan has made a breakthrough in lyric-writing by radically changing conventional ways of writing about love. Familiar with the mentalities of the Internet generation, he is good at using vivid visual imagery in his lyrics. His background in lyric-writing led him to create his unique "pure verses" based on rhymes, endowing him with a strong individual style and a conspicuous feature. As for the visual creation derived from his lyric-writing, texts filled with imagination and picturesqueness are turned into combinations of cinematic scenes. Thus, films and texts come into mutual dialectics; the images deliver a poetic language, which has become the signature of his films.


2008 《Huashan 24》
(short for the four-part film 《L-O-V-E》)

2013 《Rhythm of the Rain》

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