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CHEN Kuo-fu
Gender: Male
CHEN Kuo-fu is a director, scriptwriter and executive producer, considered a key figure of the Taiwanese New Wave in the 1980s. His directorial efforts include 《The Personals》 (1998), 《Double Vision》 (2002) and 《The Message》 (2009). In 2011, CHEN contributed a short film entitled 《The Debut》 to 《10+10》, a collaborative film project initiated by the Golden Horse Film Festival. His scripts include 《Forever Enthralled》 (CHEN Kaige, 2008), Detective Dee and the Mystery of 《The Phantom Flame》 (TSUI Hark, 2010), as well as three films he directed: 《Treasure Island》, 《The Peony Pavilion》 and 《The Personals》. In recent years, CHEN has been an influential executive producer, formerly working as the head producer for the Asian branch of Columbia Pictures and Huayi Brothers Media Corp. He was executive producer to around thirty films, including 《Detective Dee》 series, 《Taichi》 series, 《Painted Skin II: The Resurrection》 (2012), 《If You Are the One》 and its sequel, 《After Shock》 (2010), 《Starry Starry Night》 (2011), 《KORA》 (2011), 《1942》 (2012), and the upcoming film 《The Ghouls》 (2015), etc. With the films grossing more than eight hundred million USD, CHEN has been hailed by the media as one of the most influential person in the Chinese film market in the last two decades. In 2013, he established CKF PICTURES with the goal of continuing to explore "the originality and market possibilities of cinema".


1990 《School Girls》
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival
Munich International Film Festival

1993 《Treasure Island》
Locarno International Film Festival – Competition
Toronto International Film Festival
Montreal World Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Festival of 3 Continents (Nantes)

1995 《The Peony Pavilion》
Berlin Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Original Film Song

1998 《The Personals》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Special Jury Award
Taipei Film Festival – Best Actor/Actress
Asia-Pacific Film Festival – Best Actress, Best Screenplay
Cannes Film Festival – "Un Certain Regard"
Selected into around ten international film festivals, including
Singapore International Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, etc.

2002 《Double Vision》
Cannes Film Festival – "Un Certain Regard"
Busan International Film Festival – Opening Film
Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Supporting Actress
San Francisco International Film Festival

2009 《The Message》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Leading Actress
Chinese Film Media Awards - Film of the Year,
Best 10 Movies of the Decade
The People's Hundred Flower Award – Best
Supporting Actor

2011 《The Debut》 (short for 《10+10》)

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