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Leading Lee
Gender: Male
Born in Taipei in 1970, Leading LEE is a writer and a director for commercials, MV, TV and films. He graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts with a major in screenwriting. LEE started performing in and directing commercials and MVs when he was seventeen years old. He was once the director of TV programs for the Greater China Region under CHANNEL [V]. While working as the director of on-air promotion for Super TV, he has won important international advertising awards during two consecutive years. In 2008, LEE launched the first film he directed, 《My So-Called Love》. In 2011, he directed his first TV drama Somewhere《Over The Sky》that later garnered Golden Bell Awards: Best TV Series and Best TV Series Screenplay Award. In 2014, he launched his second film《Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere》, an adaptation of his award-winning literary work and a long-term seller titled《Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere: Passage to Food》. As a road movie, the film revolves around inspiration, friendship, family and love, and it took the director through far corners of Taiwan, onto an offshore island called Lanyu.


2008《My So-Called Love》
Kaohsiung Film Festival - Opening Film

2014《Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere》
Kaohsiung Film Festival - Closing Film
Cross-Strait Film Festival (Xiamen) -Opening Film
Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film
Festival (China) - Taiwan Films Exhibition

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