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Nelson YEH Tien-lun
Gender: Male
Nelson YEH Tien-lun was born to a family of entertainment expertise in Dadaocheng, Taipei, in 1975. His father YEH Chin-sheng and mother Tamako PAN have worked in audiovisual production for more than four decades, while his younger sister YEH Tan-ching is also an outstanding scriptwriter. Since their childhood, he and his sister had been accompanying their busy parents to studios of shooting and editing. Having grown up under such an unconscious influence, both have developed a profound interest in audiovisual production which led to their close collaboration in the future.
During his high school years, YEH was inspired by his teacher to write film reviews in his diary. After finishing high school, he enrolled into the Department of Radio, Television and Film of Shih Hsin University. However, the more he learned about theories and practices, the more he started to doubt his abilities. At one time, his dream of filmmaking collapsed and he escaped into the field of theatre performance. Having been trained in diverse fields including theatre, show hosting, dubbing for commercials, scriptwriting and production, YEH coincidentally got the chance to produce a Hakka film, 1895 in Formosa.
During the Q &A after the screening, he was deeply touched by how the young audience identified with his Hakka origin, and came to realize the powerful impact of images. He thus picked up his dream of filmmaking again and made 《Night Market Hero》 and 《Twa-Tiu-Tiann》 in collaboration with his family. Both films have generated a profit above a hundred million NTD and successfully brought a new dimension to local Lunar New Year films.
Unlike other Taiwanese young filmmakers, YEH has been accumulating energies from multiple fields. Added the cultivation of the rich Taiwanese culture that his family has bestowed upon him, he not only imbues his Lunar New Year films with cheerful delights pertaining to commercial movies but also juxtaposes lyrical portrayals of people's lives with observation and reflection upon the society and history of Taiwan.


2011 《Night Market Hero》
Guam International Film Festival –Grand Jury Award of Best Narrative Feature
Okinawa International Movie Festival –Competition
Far East Film Festival (Udine)
Hawaii International Film Festival
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

2014 《Twa-Tiu-Tiann》

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