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Chen Yu-hsun
Gender: Male
In 1995, CHEN Yu-hsun directed his debut film 《Tropical Fish》, a comedy that turns kidnapping into adorable parodies, yet beyond laughter, it strongly criticizes unfair social phenomena. It won several international film awards and CHEN was selected as one of 《China Times》 Top 100 Outstanding Young Persons of the 21st Century.
In 1997, CHEN completed his second feature, 《Love Go Go》. He approached the yearning for love of modern men and women in his usual light and humorous style.
Since then, CHEN has shifted his focus to shooting commercials. With 《Another Juliet》 (a segment of the three-part film 《Juliets》) that he directed in 2010, he made a comeback to the film industry. The eccentric spoofs in the film evoked great anticipation for his next productions.
In 2013, sixteen years after his previous feature film was released, CHEN finally launched a new feature film, 《Zone Pro Site》. Through the combination of lively images and musical elements, the director successfully created funny characters and made the audience deeply feel the vitality of ordinary people's pursuit for happiness. Showing "roadside banquets", one of Taiwan's old customs on the silver screen, 《Zone Pro Site》 continued the lineage of the signature "CHEN's Humor". Less than one month after its release, the film already grossed more than two hundred million NTD.


1995 《Tropical Fish》
Locarno International Film Festival – Audience Award, FIPRESCI Prize nominated for Golden Leopard Prize
Montpellier International Mediterranean Film Festival – Gold Panda Award
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Original Screenplay
Vancouver International Film Festival – Competition

1997 《Love Go Go》
Tokyo International Film Festival – Young Cinema Competition
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress

2010 《Another Juliet》 (short for the three–part film 《Juliets》)

2011 《Hippocamp Hair Salon》 (short for 10+10)

2013 《Zone Pro Site》
Berlin International Film Festival – Culinary Cinema
Food Film Festival (Amsterdam) – Audience Award
Taipei Film Festival – Best Supporting Actress, Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Art Design)
New York Asian Film Festival – Audience Award

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