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Chung Chuan
Gender: Male
Chung Chuan, born in Taiwan and educated in Beijing. He is the first Taiwanese graduating from Beijing Film Academy with an MFA degree in documentary. He has worked a renowned advertisement companies, winning numerous advertisement awards. He received Cloud Gate Wanderer Project scholarship in 2005 and his documentary The Affair of Three Cities series were nominated for Taiwan International Screening Documentary Festival and Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films. His 2009 documentary The Chai-Wan Matchup talks about identity issues between Taiwan and China through portrayal of baseball games. The documentary receives Golden Palm Award at Mexico International Film Festival, Best Documentary Award for 2010 Havana Film Festival, Best Documentary for 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival. The director currently considers working on feature-length films.


2006 The Affair of Three Cities I, The Affair of Three Cities II
2009 The Chai-Wan Matchup
2013 Face to Face

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