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Hsu Chao-jen
Gender: Male
Born in 1970, Hsu Chao-jen (Rox Hsu) worked in the film and television industry at various levels after high school graduation. He had worked with Edward Yang, Tsai Ming-liang, Chang Tso-chi, Wan Jen, Lee Kang-sheng, and Wu Mi-sen, among others. His television and film works capture the everyday feeling and he’s good at incorporating actors’ personality into the roles they are playing.
After producing the popular TV serials including Love Contract and Just Married, he started shooting his first full-length feature Together. The ensemble drama draws inspiration from everyday life and tells the ups and downs in a love relationship from a unique, humorous angle.


Television works
2003 In the Air, Winner of Best Director, Best Television Series and Best Actress at Golden Bell Awards
2004 Love Contract, nominated for Best Director at Golden Bell Awards
2005 Look at Me Once More, Winner of Best Supporting Actress at Golden Bell Awards
2006 Just Married
2008 The Adventure of a Teddy Bear
2010 The Kite Soaring, Winner of Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Film Editing

2012 Together, Nominated in the New Currents Competition at Busan International Film Festival, selected into the Dragons & Tigers program at Vancouver International Film Festival

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