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Tsao Jui-yuan
Gender: Male
Tsao Jui-yuan’s practice includes both documentary and feature film which won prizes in the country and internationally. His works include 《Crystal Boys》 (2003, best director of the Golden Bell Awards; best drama series), and 《Love’s Lone Flower》 (2005, best director runner-up of the Asian Television Awards; jury special mention of Asian competition by 2006 OSIAN's-CINEFAN Festival).
His work is marked by the simple realism of documentary and intense dramatic tension. For him, making whether feature films or documentaries is to reflect director’s vision of life. He feels that man is humble, yet there always is love, mercy and kindness at the bottom of life. He wants to convey these simple and moving humane aspects through the flow of life represented in his works.


1998 《Vacation》
1999 《Doves》
2000 《Youth, Midnight Dream》
2001 《Remembered, Forgotten》《Return To Innocence》
2003 《Crystal Boys》
2004 《Michel’s Dance》
2005 《Love’s Lone Flower》
2010 《Ni Yada》
2011 《Joyful Reunion》

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