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You-Ning Lee
Gender: Male
Director You-Ning Lee, a committee member in Taipei Film Commission, is one of the most highly respected and well-known figures in Taiwan film circles. Lee’s success in attributed to his endless to the film factory and education in Taiwan that makes unlimited dedication to our Chinese film industry in the last three decades. Lee totally directed twelve feature films and produced twenty three feature films.
In 1985, Lee’s second feature film Old Mo’s Second Spring(1984), won Best Picture in the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards and named one the “Top 100 Chinese Films of The 20th Century” in Dec. 1999 issue of Asiaweek magazine.
In 2011, Lee had just finished shooting Four Hands(2011) which is his 12th feature film. In Additional, Lee is a professor of Chung-Yu Institute of Technology , teaching the production of filmmaking.

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