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Gender: Female
Born in 1969, CHOU graduated from National Chengchi University, majoring in philosophy. Working on documentaries and feature films at the same time, she possesses abundant creative energy. All of her films win awards at numerous film festivals in the country and abroad.
Aesthetical creativity and philosophical thinking are among her preoccupations in making documentaries. She tends to experiment with all possible combinations of forms and contents in making realistic documentaries.
In 1999, she initiated the 《Floating Islands》 project, inviting twelve filmmakers to film twelve islands surrounding Taiwan. The idea was to "reject objectivity" and to inscribe the filmmaker's own interactions with the sea and the island through a visual language imbued with creativity. The films of 《Floating Islands》 thus possess styles that differ from those of standard documentaries and were invited to more than ten international film festivals.
Besides, her "creative" documentaries as well as her representative outputs: 《Corner's》 and 《Poles Extremity》 respectively won the Jury Special Mentions of the Taiwan Award and at the International Video Competition at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival in 2002. With 《Vision of Darkness》 made in 2005, she once again garnered the Merit Prize in Taiwan Award in the aforementioned festival. All these creative documentaries also traveled to several international film festivals.
Yet CHOU is most well-known for her films about gay and lesbian. Since 2004, she has consecutively directed three such films. 《Splendid Float》 was her first feature drama shot in 35mm, which was selected by several international film festivals right after its completion. It also won the Golden Horse Award for Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year. Three years later, 《Spider Lilies》 was screened in "Panorama" in the Berlinale and won the Teddy Bear Award, an award for gay and lesbian films. It was the first time that a Taiwanese film won this award; it was also a success in terms of box office in Taiwan. In 2008, 《Drifting Flowers》 was also featured in "Panorama" of the aforementioned festival. Her latest film, 《Ripples of Desire》 made in 2012 is one of the rare period dramas of romance in Taiwan in recent years, showing her attempt to open up a new genre.


2001 《Corner's》 (documentary)

2002 《Poles Extremity》 (documentary)

2004 《Splendid Float》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year, Best Makeup & Costume Design, Best Original Film Score
CJ Asian Independent Film Festival (Korea) – Audience Award
Featured at International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Vancouver International Film Festival, London Film Festival, etc.

2005 《Vision of Darkness》 (documentary)

2007 《Spider Lilies》
Berlin International Film Festival – "Panorama", Teddy Bear Award
Asian Film Festival (Rome) – Best Feature Film
Featured at more than fifty international film festivals

2008 《Drifting Flowers》
Zinegoak GLT Film Festival Bilbao – Best Lesbian Film
Berlin International Film Festival – "Panorama"
Featured at more than thirty international film festivals

2008 《The Wheat Doesn't Die》 (short)

2012 《Ripples of Desire》
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival – Closing Film
San Francisco International Film Festival
Fukuoka International Film Festival

【Upcoming Production】

《Sacred Warriors》

《Stand-In》 (working title)

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