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WU Mi-sen
Gender: Male
WU Mi-sen holds a professional degree (B.F.A) in film with Magna Cum Laude from City University of New York and received a full scholarship to attend Master of Architecture (M. Arch.) program at the University of British Columbia before pursuing his doctorate degree (Ph.D) at the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University. After he returned to Taiwan in 1995, he has been director for Sun Movies Channel, commercials and Viewpoint of Public Television as well as creative director for Channel [V] Star TV. He currently serves as executive producer and director for Rye films as well as lecturer for the Department of Cultural and Creative Industries Management of National Taipei University of Education.
The range of WU's filmmaking covers diverse genres including feature, experimental film, documentary, commercial and MV. He excels at capturing nuanced feelings of characters and the allegorical aspect hidden in the city. His first fiction film shot in 16mm, 《Fluffy Rhapsody》, was made with reduced budget. It was not only selected for the Competition of Busan International Film Festival but also entered the market in Japan, breaking the local deep-rooted prejudice that independent films are no other than non-commercial films. He went on to direct《Drop Me a Cat》 and 《Amour- LEGENDE》which drew great attention. The two films respectively won FICC Jury Award Special Mention at Fribourg International Film Festival and Platinum Remi Award at World Fest-Houston Film Festival.
In 2013, he launched his latest film, 《Kara Orchestra》, a re-interpretation of the indigenous and classical music of the musical of the same title. It was selected as Opening Film at the Kaohsiung Film Festival. With a subvention from the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan, he currently prepares to shoot《起來UP2040》, allegedly a film about indie rock.


2000 《Fluffy Rhapsody》(16 mm)
Busan International Film Festival
Golden Harvest Awards – Best Short Fiction Film
Singapore International Film Festival
Göteborg International Film Festival

2002 《Drop Me a Cat》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Art Direction
Fribourg International Film Festival –FICC Jury Award Special Mention
Fabio International Film Festival (Czech Republic)

2006 《Amour–LEGENDE》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Sound Effects
Hong Kong International Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival
Kansas International Film Festival
WorldFest-Houston Film Festival – Platinum Remi Award –Experimental/Dogma category
Bangkok International Film Festival

2013 《Kara Orchestra》
Kaohsiung Film Festival – Opening Film

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