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WANG Yu-ling
Gender: Male
WANG was born in Taipei in 1964. He attended the School of Forestry at National Taiwan University and studied Film and Video at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His name appears frequently in Golden Harvest Awards. His company Magnifique Creative Media Production Ltd.CO also made several acclaimed documentary films. In addition to this extensive background and his ability in overall planning and execution, he is known for his extreme sensitivity as a filmmaker. He and Essay LIU co-directed Seven Days in Heaven in 2010, a film of which used black humor to depict the local traditional Taiwan funeral culture that won recognition in Hong Kong International Film Festival and many others.


1999 《Cotton Bomb》

2007 《If I Have to Die 1000 Times》 (documentary)

2010 《Seven Days in Heaven》
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival
Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival - Competition
Vancouver International Film Festival - Dragons & Tigers Section
Asian Film Festival Rome
Taipei Film Festival – Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress
Golden Horse Film Festival - Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay
Hong Kong Film Awards

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