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LIN Yu-hsien
Gender: Male
Born in 1974, LIN Yu-hsien graduated from Cinema &Drama Division of Department of Theatre Arts of Chinese Culture University. He has worked in film production for years and directed several documentaries. In 2005, LIN launched his first full-length documentary, 《Jump! Boys》which was shot in the way of a feature film. It achieved the commercial success of three-month screening in local theaters for its first run before its further release in Japan in 2006.
LIN often uses humorous and fast-paced approaches in his films to represent sophisticated observations on the society and humanities, fusing relaxed delight and reflections. With a fund obtained from Korea, LIN shot his first narrative feature, 《Exit No. 6》, a film inspired by his observation on Hsimending in Taipei, elaborating on issues of teenagers seeking exits of life. His second feature, 《Sumimasen, Love》, a romance piece, belonged to" A Record of Filmmaking and the City" series financed by the Kaohsiung City Government.
In 2011, LIN launched his third feature,《Jump Ashin!》which was based on the intense story of his elder brother LIN Yu-shin, a former national gymnast. In 2014, LIN will direct 《Follow You》 to which Stanley KWAN will be the executive producer.


2002 《Pray for Graffiti》(documentary)

2003 《His-men Street》(documentary)

2005 《Jump! Boys》(documentary)
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Documentary, Best Original Film Song
Taipei Film Festival – Special Mentions, Audience Choice Award
Busan International Film Festival
Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival

2006 《Elephant Boy and Robot Girl》 (documentary)

2007 《Exit No.6》
Shanghai International Film Festival – Asian New Talent Award Competition

2008 《The Man Who Plants Trees》(documentary)

2009 《Sumimasen, Love》
Taiwan Cinefest (London) – Opening Film

2009 《The Turn of the Game》(documentary)

2009 《When the Rain is Over》(short)

2010 《A River Through My House》(documentary)

2011 《Jump Ashin!》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Original Film Song
Asian Film Awards – Best Supporting Actor

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《Follow You》

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