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LIN Cheng-sheng
Gender: Male
Without any training or apprenticeship in filmmaking, LIN Cheng-sheng, originally a baker, has become an international award-winning director. His achievement was considered a legend by the media.
Born in 1959 in a tribe in Taitung, Taiwan, LIN Cheng-sheng ran away from home at the age of sixteen. He came to Taipei and worked as a baker intermittently for eleven years to make a living. As his relation with his father worsened, the father resorted to law in order to discipline the son. The latter ending up staying in jail for four months. Ups and downs thus became subjects of LIN's movies. Finally, it was also through filmmaking that he came to improve his relation with his father. At the age of twenty-seven, he incidentally participated in a directing/scriptwriting class organized by Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan and began to write scripts. The experience inspired him to make films. He has lived on doing temporary jobs everywhere just to wait for a job opportunity in film production. In the early stage of his career, he shot several documentaries and acted in films including 《Tropical Fish》(directed by CHEN Yu-hsun, 1995), 《Buddha Bless America》(directed by WU Nien-jen, 1996) and 《Yours and Mine》(directed by WANG Shaudi, 1997).
Having graduated from the directing/scriptwriting class for eight years, LIN came to direct his first feature film, 《A Drifting Life》(1995), winning Special Mention of Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at Cannes Film Festival, Special Jury Prize at Fribourg International Film Festival and Silver Sakura Award of Young Cinema Competition at Tokyo International Film Festival. In 1997, he was selected in "Directors' Fortnight" at Cannes Film Festival with his feature film 《Murmur of Youth》whereas 《March of Happiness》launched in 1999, a reinterpretation of the 228 Incident in Taiwan in the form of a musical film, achieved a box office success. In2001, he won Silver Bear for Best Director at Berlinale with 《Betelnut Beauty》before his 《Robinson's Crusoe》was selected into "Un Certain Regard" at Cannes Film Festival two years after.
In 2010, LIN launched 《Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars》, a documentary featuring autistic children. In 2013, he shot 《27ºC-Loaf Rocks》, an adaptation of the story of WU Pao-chun, a world champion baker. In addition to writing, directing and acting, LIN is also an award-winningauthor. The books he has published include two literary works with biographical elements as well as novels for films like 《Robinson's Crusoe》 (2003), 《Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars》(2010) and 《27ºC-Loaf Rocks》(2013).


1990 《Chow, Wong, Ah-hai and His Four Workers》(documentary)

1991 《Mei-li Is Singing》(documentary)

1992 《Peacock Land of Ah-feng and Ah-yen》(documentary)

1994 《The Family Treasure》(short)

1995 《A Drifting Life》
Cannes Film Festival – Prize of the Ecumenical Jury – Special Mention
Tokyo International Film Festival – Young Cinema Competition – Silver Sakura Award
Fribourg International Film Festival – Special Jury Prize

1997 《Murmur of Youth》
Cannes Film Festival – "Directors' Fortnight"
Tokyo International Film Festival – Best Actress

1998 《Sweet Degeneration》
Berlin International Film Festival – Competition

(1999) 《March of Happiness》
Cannes Film Festival – "Un Certain Regard"

2001《Betelnut Beauty》
Berlin International Film Festival – Silver Bear for Best Director,
New Talent Award (for the actress)

2003《Robinson's Crusoe》
Cannes Film Festival – "Un Certain Regard"

2004《The Moon Also Rises》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Leading Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay
Asia-Pacific Film Festival – Best Screenplay, Special Jury Award

2007 《Our Children》(documentary)

2008 《My Ocean》(documentary)

2010 《Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars》(documentary)

2013 《27 C-Loaf Rocks》

International professional experience


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