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Gavin LIN
Gender: Male
Having studied foreign languages and literatures in college, Gavin LIN decided to follow his interest in image-making. He went on to study in the Graduate School of Applied Media Arts of National Taiwan University of Arts and took the master program in Communication at Pittsburg State University in the U.S. Working in various creative fields including theatre and photography, he has shown his photographic works in the U.S., Taiwan and Japan and has been producer, assistant director and director for MV and films in these countries.
In 2005, his film 《Liberty Avenue》, an adaptation of a real event in the U.S., depicts the moving story of a mother and her mentally challenged daughter. It won the Golden Harvest Award, Taiwan's most important independent movie award, for Grand Prize and Best Editing. His first feature, 《In Case of Love》, shot in 35mm, is a warm and romantic love story that took on the challenge of filming animals, a rare subject in local film industry.
In 2011, his second feature 《Revenge of the Factory Woman》explored family and love, two essential issues in life. In2013, he started to develop in China by collaborating with famous actors LIU Shi-shi from China and Vic CHOU from Taiwan for 《A Moment of Love》, a love story.


2005 《Liberty Avenue》(short)
Golden Harvest Awards – Grand Prize, Best Editing
Uruguay International Film Schools Festival
Yugoslavia International Student Film Festival
Istanbul International Children's Film Festival
Kawasaki Digital Short Film Festival – Distinguished Film Award
Pittsburg State University – Honorary Thesis Award

2010 《In Case of Love》
Shanghai International Film Festival
Beijing International Film Festival
Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

2011 《Revenge of the Factory Woman》
Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival – Competition
Kaohsiung Film Festival
Macau International Movie Festival

2013 《A Moment of Love》(screened in China)

【Upcoming Production】

《Tropic of Cancer》

《A Long Summer》

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