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KUO Chen-ti
Gender: Female
Born in 1965, KUO Chen-ti graduated from Department of Psychology of National Taiwan University and obtained a Masterof fine arts program in Radio-TV-Film of Temple University. She has made well over twenty works including documentaries, drama and experimental films. She also has experience in theatre. She was renowned for her documentaries like 《In Searchof Laiho: Diaries in Prison》, 《 The Story of Keelung River》, 《Shiyinlashan》, 《A Waltz in the Chapel: A Pioneer in Taiwanese Vocal Music Education》, 《Lin Qiujin》, etc. 《Viva Tonal - the Dance Age》(co-directed with CHIEN Wei-ssu) and 《Libangbang: Ching Wenis not Home》 were her two most celebrated documentaries.
《Libangbang 》for the 《Floating Islands》 series depicts the struggle of a young aborigine from Lanyu facing the difficulty of working in the city and returning to his home island. It was selected into the Singapore International Film Festival in 2001 and won the Jury Award at the New York Exposition of Short Film and Video in 2002. 《Viva Tonal - the Dance Age》 looks back at local pop music of the 1930s in Taiwan and won Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Film Festival in 2003.
The experience of making documentaries has allowed KUO to observe people and live deeply, which later became subjects for her features. In 2009, she completed her first feature, 《Step by Step》, which blended dance and music elements of her previous documentaries with elders. With its form of a commercial romantic comedy, the film tells stories of the elderly at the last stages of their lives in humorous ways. In 2014, she launched her second feature, 《The Boar King》, depicting the rebirth of residents who reconstructed their homeland ravaged by the Typhoon Morakot.


1990 《Presentation》 (experimental film)

1992 《Tulip》(short)

1993 《The Screaming Life》(documentary)

1994 《Kuba's Calling》(documentary)

1994 《Raise the Hua Lantern》(documentary)

1994 《Waiting: A Record of a Birdwatcher》(documentary)

1994 《Old Luo and Us》(documentary)

1995 《In Search of Lai Ho: Diaries in Prison》(documentary)

1996 《One More Bowl》 (documentary)

1996 《The Story of Keelung River》 (documentary)

2000 《Shiyinlashan》 (documentary)

2000 《Notes on Medical Treatment on the Outlying Islands》 (documentary)

2000 《The First Female Geologist in Taiwan: Wang, Chih-ming》 (documentary)

2000 《Libangbang – Ching Wen is not Home》 (documentary)

2003 《Viva Tonal – The Dance Age》(documentary, co-directed with CHIEN Wei-ssu)Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Documentary

2004 《A Waltz in the Chapel: A Pioneer in Taiwanese Vocal Music Education, Lin Qiujin》 (documentary)

2009 《Step by Step》

2014 《The Boar King》
Montreal World Film Festival
Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival

【Upcoming Production】

《Trapped by the Sea, Lost in Time》 (documentary)

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