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Kevin CHU
Gender: Male
As a strikingly productive filmmaker, Kevin CHU was the comedy director that made the highest-grossing films in Taiwan during the 1980s and 1990s.
He began his career by being an extra. Since his first college year in the Department of Foreign Language and Literature of Soochow University, due to the proximity of the school to Chinese Culture and Movie Center, he has worked part-time in movie studios as an extra before proceeding to be a script supervisor and assistant director. He was awarded a prize for his first script written in the third college year. In 1980, he launched his debut feature, 《The Clown》, which led to the celebrity of comedian HSU Pu-liao, the main actor of the film. CHU and HSU went on to collaborate in more than ten films such as 《The Big Shot》, 《The Funny Couple》, 《The Clown & the Swan》, etc. For local investors, their comic collaboration meant box office guarantee before HSU's death in 1985.
In addition to comedy which he was good at, CHU explored diverse subjects and made artistic films as well as romances. Starting in 1986, he developed various sequels one after another, including 《Kung Fu Kids》 (1986), 《Da Tou Bing》 (1987), 《Seven Foxes》 (1989) and 《Messy Temple》 (1994), all of which have caused a sensation and became box office success in both Japan and Southeast Asia.
Among his films, 《A Home Too Far》 (1990) is his favorite. An adaptation of a novel of war, the story touched issues around politics and human rights. It was through the effort of certain personages that the film came to be screened in its entirety without being cut. It also became the highest-grossing local film of the year, earning both acclaim and profit.
In addition to directing, he also worked as an executive producer and collaborated with different directors such as HO Ping. The latter's 《The Rule of the Game》 (2001) won the Don Quixote Prize in "Forum" at Berlinale. 《David Loman》 (2013) for which CHU was the executive producer was also a box office hit, making a profit of four hundred million NTD during the Chinese New Year. Currently the president of Motion Picture Development Foundation R.O.C., he exerts great influence on the promotion of local film industry.


1980 《The Clown》, 《The Big Shot》, 《Who Is the Real Tycoon? 》, 《The Partner》

1981 《Play Con Game》, 《A Maiden and Wanderer》, 《Kung Hai Fa Choy》, 《Funny Soldier》

1982 《Seven Black Heroines》, 《Playboy》

1983 《Fantasy Mission Force》, 《Fire Dragon》, 《The Great Surprise》, 《Four Shy Guys》, 《Ninja Showdown》

1984 《The Funny Couple》, 《Hooking Up》, 《Funny Face》, 《Seven Foxes》

1985 《Shao Ye Bing》, 《The Clown & the Swan》, 《The Young and Old Wanderers》, 《Old Man and Little Trouble》

1986 《Kung Fu Kids》, 《A Book of Heroes》, 《Funny Family》

1987 《Da Tou Bing》, 《Da Tou Bing II》, 《Da Tou Bing III》

1988 《World's Biggest Happiness》, 《It's a Mad Mad Prison》

1989 《Seven Foxes》, 《Seven Foxes II》

1990 《A Home Too Far》

1991 《King Swindler》, 《Island of Fire》, 《The War Dogs》

1992 《Requital》, 《To Miss With Love》

1993 《Flying Dagger》, 《Slave of the Sword》, 《A Home Too Far II》

1994 《Messy Temple》, 《Hunting List》, 《Shaolin Popey》, 《Grandpa's Love》

1995 《Messy Temple II》, 《China Dragon》, 《Forever Friends》, 《Trouble Maker》, 《Young Policemen in Love》

1996 《The King of Comic》, 《Naughty Boys and Soldiers》, 《Pale Sun》, 《Feeling of Love》

1997 《Jail in Burning Island》, 《Sexy Story》, 《The Kid vs. the Sop》, 《Me And You And a Girl Name Ugly》, 《Nin-ja School》

1998 《Lady in Heat》, 《Pupp Love Trio》

1999 《Hob Makes It True》, 《Home Sweet Home》

2001 《Expect a Miracle》

2002 《Boom》

2003 《Shaolin-Let's Go》, 《Kunfu Kid》, 《Super Model Students》, 《The Army》, 《How Young》

2004 《A Marvellous Detective》, 《I Love How You Love Me》, 《How Young II》, 《One Stone Two Birds》

2008 《Kung Fu Dunk》

2009 《Treasure Hunter》 Tokyo International Film Festival Busan International Film Festival

2010 《Just Call Me Nobody》

2011 《The Orphans》 (short for 《10+10》)

2012 《New Perfect Two》

2014 《My Geeky Nerdy Buddies》

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