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Bollywood and Taiwanese Filmmakers Sign MOU for Productions in Taipei City

In an attempt to explore the potentials of India's film and tourism industries, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je paid a visit to India in April this year and announced his intention to support collaborative film productions between Indian and Taiwanese filmmakers, and thereby stimulate growth of the tourism industry. He also offered one million U.S. dollars of incentive to attract producers of Bollywood and multi-lingual films from India to make films in Taipei City. More than three months later, a delegation comprising filmmakers from Bollywood and southern India visited Taipei in response to Ko's friendly invitation. To welcome the visitors, Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism, Department of Cultural Affairs and Taipei Film Commission held a "Fun Taipei Welcome Party" yesterday (the 26th) afternoon at Taipei Zhongshan Hall. A memorandum of understanding was signed between Taiwanese and Indian filmmakers as a gesture of hope to future collaborations between them.

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