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Filming in Taipei

Why Taipei

A City with a Multicultural Heritage 
Taipei is a city of multicultural heritage. Chinese Qing dynasty officials left her stone city gates. Japanese governor-generals built neo-classical museums and baroque government buildings during their fifty year occupation. The postwar government established the city’s strong economy and built big temple-like memorials. Since the 1990s, social movements have made her a city with strong democratic spirit, with civil society energized and Austronesian tribal heritage revived.  

Creative Talents
Internationally acclaimed masters like Hou Hsiao-hsien, Tsai Ming-liang, Tu Du-chih and the late Edward Yang were all based in Taipei. Ang Lee, Wong Kar-wai, Yip Kam Tim and Christopher Doyle are familiar with the city. Besides cinematic creative talents, Taipei is also seat of some of the best animation studios in the world.
Great Locations
Taipei is located in a basin surrounded by mountain and water area. You can find splendid cherry blossoms and great hot springs on the Yang-Ming Mountain, beautiful riverside park and 19th century street by the Danshui River. In the city you just have everything: The 508 meter high skyscraper “Taipei 101”, the biggest collection of Chinese art works on earth, bustling night markets you can’t find elsewhere, and the hip dance club in Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s “Millennium Mambo”. You can browse our online location gallery to get a taste of the metropolis.
Efficient Cost
Compared to other East Asian cities, the living cost in Taipei is very low. It is needless to say that life in Taipei is much cheaper than in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul, but the price standard in Taipei is also lower than in Beijing or Shanghai now. Given the high quality and low cost of production in Taipei, the city is definitely your best choice for film production in East Asia.
Flexibility of crews
Unlike in many countries, you will find Taiwanese work forces very open to different cultures and much more communicative and easy-going. In Taipei you will meet local crews that are very professional, flexible and diligent. You can count on their versatility and benefit from the low cost of services.

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