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Application for Visa and Work Permit

Procedure for Foreign Filmmakers Who Shoot in Taiwan
Description: Foreign filmmakers employed by Taiwanese film companies must apply for work permits and visitor visas. Foreign crews who need occupational injury insurance in Taiwan should follow the visa application procedure for filmmakers employed by Taiwanese companies.

Taiwanese employers of foreign crews shall apply for work permits on their behalf to Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, in advance.
Visa applications should be made to Embassies or Overseas Offices of Republic of China after work permits are issued. For addresses of embassies and overseas offices, please visit the website of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

●For visa applications, please observe the following:

1. The work permit application process requires a period of 7 to 12days (excluding postal delivery). According to past experience, work visa application requires a period of 30 days.

2. For nationals who qualify for visa-exempt entry or on-arrival visa, the maximum stay in Taiwan is 30 days, and work permits are required. Foreign workers staying in Taiwan through such procedure have to leave the country after 30 days. To ensure a longer period of stay, it is recommended to apply for visitor visas with an “employment” note which allows visa holders to stay in Taiwan for up to 180 days.

3. Foreign applicants should obtain work permits before applying for visas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan shall issue the work permits based on the employment visitor visas, which will allow visa-holders to start work immediately after arrival. When necessary, foreigners holding tourist visas can apply for work permits after arrival.
4. For foreign filmmakers who plan on entering the country multiple times, multiple-entry visas can be applied for. For stays exceeding 180 days, please apply for resident visa.

●For further information, please visit the following websites:
1. Cross-Border Workforce Services at Workforce Development Agency
► Traditional Chinese Version


► English Version


2. Visa regulations at Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
► Traditional Chinese Version


► English Version


3. Addresses and Contact Information of Embassies and Overseas Offices
► Traditional Chinese Version


► English Version


Procedure for Filmmakers from China, Hong Kong, and Macau Who Shoot in Taiwan
1. Applications of this kind shall be filed by registered Taiwanese film-related organizations with organization certification or Ministry of Economic Affairs Certification, on behalf of the applicants. The procedure shall be conducted on the “Online Application System for Professional Exchange of Chinese Residents in Taiwan” (henceforth referred to as the “Online System”), a sub-system of the “Online Application and Issuance Management System for Short-term Visit to Taiwan by Residents of China, Hong Kong, and Macau,” of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior. 

► Link to the “Online System”:

2. For overseas Chinese nationals residing outside of China, the following types of applications are available: For those with Taiwanese embassies or overseas offices (henceforth referred to as Overseas Office) with the Immigration Services Section in their region of residence, application shall be filed online by the inviting organization, and the applicant shall submit identification documents to the Immigration Services Section of the Overseas Office. For those without Taiwanese Overseas Office in their region of residence, the application process shall be conducted solely by the inviting organization online. For those with Taiwanese Overseas Office in their region of residence that is without the Immigration Services Section, the inviting organization shall file printed application to a Service Center of the National Immigration Agency, with fees paid. The applicant shall also submit application forms, identification documents, and the photocopy of fees paid by the inviting organization to the Overseas Office. The locations of Immigration Service Sections can be found on the National Immigration Agency website, under Home/Introduction/Contact Information/Overseas Service Centers.

3. Permit Issuance: The inviting organization shall download the digital file of the Entry/Exit Permit from the “Online System”, and then send the file to the applicant for color print-out or send the color print-out to the applicant.
► For further information:

Customs Regulations
For customs regulations, please visit the website of Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance for speedy service. On the website, you can find regulations, procedures, online applications, and application progresses.
Tariff exemption certificates can be applied for importing dedicated visual media equipment and vehicles, as per the “Tariff Exemption Certificate Application Requirements for Equipment and Vehicles Dedicated to Visual Media.” Film production equipment and instruments that are approved by Ministry of Finance and are exported within six months from the date of import or before a date designated by Ministry of Finance may be exempt from tariff. Film production equipment, instruments, tools, displays, artworks, costumes, props, or footage, videos sent overseas by government agencies, and other items of the same category that are approved by Ministry of Finance and are imported again within one year of the second day of export or before a date designated by Ministry of Finance may be exempt from tariff.

► Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance (English)

► Temporary Admission Regulations (Traditional Chinese)


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