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Filming in Taipei

Shooting Permits & Regulations

How to Apply for a Film Permit on Public Locations
TFC will gladly provide you with the following assistance whether you are looking to shoot in a closed-off public area in Taipei City or have trouble finding a suitable location to film special scenes:
1. An online location gallery accessible from TFC's website where you can search for filming locations throughout Taipei City; alternatively, you may choose to obtain a printed scouting guidebook and DVD from TFC.
2.  Assistance in scouting as requested.
3.  Coordination with government agencies for the filming application.
4. Film, television and documentary production crews are able to use municipal properties free of charge for one week if the arrangement is made through TFC; use of municipal property beyond one week is subject to a 50% discount on the usual rental rate for a maximum of three months. Use of outsource- managed municipal property is entitled to 50% discount on the usual rental rate.   
Application procedures:
Step 1 - Call the TFC to inquire and clarify needs.
Step 2 - Visit the TFC's website to download an Application to Film in Taipei and a Guarantee for Location Use. Complete and submit them along with attachments such as script, proposal etc. to TFC via E-mail, courier or fax.
Step 3 - Once the application has been approved, the applicant needs to undergo different procedures depending on the requests. Please keep in touch with TFC coordinators.
Timing - Please apply 7 to 30 work days in advance. The actual processing time may differ depending on the nature of the applicant's requests. Closed street filming on roads listed in category A requires 30 work days; use of municipal properties and borrowing of police cars and fire engines require 7 to 10 work days.
For details, please call: +886-2-2709-3880 to contact us.

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